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While Todd was openly gay on his season, Spencer kept his sexual orientation a secret from his fellow contestants.But Todd announced their relationship publicly on social media while the season was playing out, so fans knew.

They met in 2009, a month before Spencer’s season began airing on TV.

Although their romance didn’t last beyond the show, with Greg moving on from in 2003, and although they didn’t think much of each other before the game, they were assigned to the same team and formed a strategic alliance, which quickly grew into something more, with cocky, loudmouth Rob showing a decidedly gentler, sweeter side when it came to Amber.

They dominated the season and were seemingly unstoppable right up until the very end when Amber was declared the Sole Survivor over Rob in a 4-3 jury vote.

In a nod to Stephen, she wore the hat that he had worn throughout his season.

Although the quirky couple eventually broke up, they remain good friends with Todd and Spencer, who started dating around the same time they did.

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