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On the other hand, there is an overriding sense of loyalty to both Sanfords that makes every word, every observation offered a struggle – a frequently-aborted attempt to reconcile reality with their genuine affection for these two fundamentally flawed human beings. He humiliated her, replaced her – and got away with it.” “Can you blame her for anything she’s done? The source also referred to the timing of the latest dust-up as “being driven by Mark’s ambitions,” adding that Jenny Sanford has previously sought to create problems for her former husband based on the trajectory of his political star.

According to a source close to Jenny Sanford, the former first lady is not the vindictive bitch she’s being portrayed as … “The media is completely blowing this case out of proportion,” the source said, referring to the court filings as standard documents that are being misinterpreted as some sort of vendetta.

"I remember the first birthday I celebrated after we moved south.

On the one hand they don’t want to be too specific with certain information for fear of being outed. And if that weren’t enough – it all came at her expense.

“This case is simply about permitting the child to have input as to the time he spends with each parent,” the source said.

“He is of the age where that is appropriate – and that is what the court is being asked to do.

Simple.” On September 15, a court will rule on Jenny Sanford’s requests to seal the case – and to appoint a guardian for her youngest son. As much as South Carolinians might wish otherwise, the “Sanford Circus” remains in town.

Visitation will not be addressed, at least not initially.

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