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Reference: Official installation instruction from Oracle I followed strictly the steps that Eric Carvalho provided to remove all instances of Java and rebooted my computer.Assuming you have previously installed a copy of java-6-sun package, a followup will help getting rid of broken symbolic link: So remove all files resides in "java-7-oracle" folder with root permission and extract the latest JDK or JRE files in it.However, just as important where not to start is where not too meet females in Kannada.Avoid these pick up spots Bangalore Let me explain, there are literally hundreds of respectable places that are easy to meet nice girls in Bangalore, maybe thousands.

You may need to remove some java packages but most of them should be happy once you have the Sun JDK packages installed.

I built those commands one by one, then piped it all together and I ran all of them in different Java installation scenarios that I have for test purposes in some workstations at work.

I really paid attention to the output of Although the presented sequence of commands works on most cases, I think my answer needs some improvements.

The problem is tourists are directed to the bad places.

I know, I am a perpetual tourists around the world. You can easily be swept up in the ebb and flow of the wrong currents and land yourself in a place where temptation is stronger than your will to resist when it comes to females.

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