Liberal political personals dating

" -- John in NC "eliminates awkward first-date conversations about political views!

" -- Denise in AR "better than any dating site I've tried.

People seem to be more polarized about politics than ever before.

Do you think this is a true statement or am potentially missing out?

It’s hard to ask them online because I find that a lot of men lie to make themselves seem more appealing to me but then the truth comes out on the first date and it really sucks. I'd swipe left on someone who proclaimed to be a conservative on their OLD page 100% of the time.

But I dunno..I really want to argue about politics with someone who's, in an ideal outcome, going to be up in my grill 24x7? Anybody who identifies as a "conservative" is not going to be a good match for me.

I think if one cares enough about politics to put it on a profile, and their values are not in alignment with yours (or at least aren't partially), then continue to swipe left. I guess it depends on how conservative they are or how liberal you are.

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