Like dating libra woman

Libra men happen to have very romantic and charming personalities, which creates a fantastic first impression on the people they first meet.

They tend to be very friendly and compassionate, with a great amount of energy; traits that help them lighten any atmosphere and helps people overcome their depression.

Since their ruling planet is Venus (an epitome of love and romance), the sign of Libra is almost synonymous with the word “LOVE”.

Libra can be described as “the marrying kind” of the zodiac signs.

It is incredibly important that you listen to her and actually HEAR what she's trying to say.

With such an amazing personality and optimistic outlook on life, it might seem hard to imagine a woman like this getting angry (like fiery, better-get-out-of-the-way angry), but trust me: A Libra woman can, and will, hold her own in an argument.

Actions over words are just the sort of thing she loves. Allowing you to hear these anecdotes makes her feel loved and valued.

But she also loves her alone time to feel like she has absolute freedom and some peace to work through personal issues.

Also, being ruled by Venus makes them graceful and attractive.

Libra’s primary element is Air, which makes them very social.

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