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I’m reposting both items here for posterity, as the originals disappeared when the moved to a new blogging platform: Eyebrows were raised at the Gold Medal Plates culinary event in Ottawa on Monday when the prime minister’s former director of communications, Dimitri Soudas, showed up with a surprise date.

Soudas was accompanied by rookie Conservative MP Eve Adams, of Mississauga — Brampton South.

Now, of course, that very relationship is a the centre of the political story of the week, fleeting as it might be, and no one sane is arguing that it isn’t relevant.

Back then, I thought it was worth responding to the criticism levelled against the post, so I wrote a defence (and stole credit for coining “Dimitreve,” which, alas, never caught on).

Ditchburn compared the issue to the outing a gay MP, which I think is an unfair comparison, as neither Soudas nor Adams appear be hiding their relationship.

The genius of this approach, as pointed out on Twitter by the Citizen’s Andrew Potter, was that it allowed the Solomon show to report the same details I had while simultaneously adopting a posture of disapproval and even disdain.

Since coming to Ottawa, Labour Minister Lisa Raitt parted ways with her spouse, as did Public Works Minister Rona Ambrose and Public Safety Minister Vic Toews.

And it was far from clear that their families would approve of their secret meetings.After upsetting Liberal incumbent Navdeep Bains in Mississauga, Adams was appointed parliamentary secretary to Veterans Affairs minister Steven Blaney.According to her conflict of interest declaration, Peter was working for the Ontario Restaurant, Hotel and Motel Association as recently as September but it appears he left there a few months ago. The marital bust-ups are far from the first to hit members of the Harper government.Her husband worked on the Hill for then-Finance Minister Michael Wilson and runs a communications consulting company called GETUS.Based on her strong council performance, the Toronto Star touted Adams as a rising star in the Conservative Party and suggested she might be able to “convince Canadians the party can reflect a broader vision for the nation.” It didn’t hurt, the Star said, that her husband is a senior party strategist.

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