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Dan earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Delaware.

He is a licensed professional engineer in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Florida, and is a licensed large wastewater system designer in Delaware. ASCE, serves as President and Chief Executive Officer.

He has extensive experience in the coordination and overall management of a variety of site development projects.

Justin is responsible for client services and business development efforts, as well as the management, growth, and success of the Raleigh office.

He is involved in a multitude of land development phases from research and coordination of feasibility studies, through the preparation of master plans for industrial, residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational facilities, as well as the preparation of complete site development documents for commercial and residential site development.

In the preparation of these plans, he has participated in public presentations and the development of design solutions responsive to social and environmental influences.

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Over the past 50 years, Pennoni has expanded up and down the east coast to cater to clients and work with new partners.Dan joined Pennoni in 2007 and his experience includes a strong emphasis on water and wastewater treatment plant design and operations, water and sewer system design, public works projects, stream and pond monitoring and restoration projects, and on-call project management and engineering support for cities, towns, and authorities.Dan also provides specialized engineering services to renowned museum and garden facilities, such as Winterthur Museum and Longwood Gardens.Andy is responsible for client service and business development efforts for the Wyoming Valley, State College, Mechanicsburg, Pittsburgh, and Uniontown offices, as well as the management, growth, and success of the Lehigh Valley office.His project experience includes designing, permitting, and constructing residential subdivisions, commercial, and industrial facilities, solid and aqueous waste management facilities, large earth embankments, and power generation facilities.

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