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Roger could see the fear behind Brian’s hazel eyes and he hated it.He hated the fact that it was Roger that made Brian looked like he was scared or something.Enter Thorn Mortimer, a young witch who has almost finished with her schooling at the Academy of Unseen Arts.She's always been a good student, in truth she is Faustus' favourite students, well versed in Conjuring and Demonology, not to mention the last member of the most powerful family in their coven. ” Roger knew he regretted it the second he said those damn words. They are more versatile, headstrong, had a higher chance of bearing more healthier and stronger pups and were excellent secondary leaders.Through time the choosing of a beta over an omega has been ingrained and encouraged amongst young alphas.A breed of wolves that were supposed to be extinct. A life of loneliness, hurt and despair awaits Castiel. Dean Winchester is the newly graduated, teacher in history and he has no qualms about teaching a rare, 17 year old, white wolf.A breed of wolves that comprised of weak alphas, betas and omegas. Neither would he discriminate him because of the color of his fur. Raised in hell by their mother Mary half demon children Sam and Dean Campbell go to earth in order to properly harvest the needed ingredients for their summoning and end up running into other hunters, including their human father John Winchester.

In attempting to unravel the reasoning behind this belief, Chris Larabee and the Maverick is forced to venture into Fluidic space to determine the truth, while at the same time avoiding the Borg who are determined to ensure Species 8472 never emerges to threaten them again. That was always an option."Cap has created an LGBTQIA meet-up group to do fun activities like... He might need some help from Pat to make it fun but it's getting there.

Parents taught their children the importance of doing so.

Omega’s were downgraded to house help, slaves or pack whores. One day Michael asked, “Son what do you want to become when you grow up?

John is broken, he has known that for a while, but in bed he has always been sure of himself, even in his darkest years.

And now that it matters most, this confidence crumbles, shatters, is ground to dust."For John and Sherlock, being in love does not solve all their problems.

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