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Non-Muslim guys see dating me as a challenge, as though conquering me is akin to when the US invaded Iraq.

I mean, I need some d*ck but I don’t need you to be one.

It’s these repressive attitudes that have forced me to date in the dark (not literally, obviously).

And while dating inconspicuously can be a thrill for a while, being forced into secrecy from key support networks isn’t smart and can lead you into some questionable trysts, as well as suffering the consequences quite alone.

I also learnt that in my experience men prefer to chase than be chased.

The few times I have made the first move didn’t even lead to a first date, and guys never ask me out.

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But when I’m not observing fasting during the 30 days of Ramadan then society imposes upon me an almost involuntary fasting by holding me to a higher set of expectations than I do of myself.

I actually haven’t had very many sexual partners and have lost out on a whole host of experiences as a result.

I don’t want to be that person looking back on my life, boasting that at least I never committed haraam. The rate of divorce among my parents’ generation is low and they have been married for decades.

It’s been 112 days since I’ve had sex (but who’s counting? It’s Ramadan, the month where Muslims not only fast our stomachs (during daylight hours) but when we Muslim women strive for modesty wherever it can be sought out. I’ve had sex during Ramadan (after Iftar, not during the fast which isn’t permitted) and it’s great.

Well it’s great all year round but there is a heightened sense of arousal given the increased awareness of primal urges through the hunger and thirst.

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