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Their play, “Lal Batti Express” (Red-Light Express), includes dancing, singing and storytelling.

The 15 actors, aged between 15 and 23, are appearing as part of the Fringe’s Just Festival, which focuses on social justice issues.

Many of the actors on stage have harrowing pasts and a history of abuse, violence and depression.

A United Nations report has found there are 3 million commercial sex workers in India, of which 40 percent are estimated to be children.

Sandhya Nair, who is appearing in the play, says theater has helped her to loosen up about the wounds life has given her. “I have always faced discrimination by society for my background and dark complexion,” she said. In 2014, one of the oldest Krantikari, Shweta Katti, was admitted to Bard College in New York, making her the first girl from an Indian red-light district to study abroad. Kranti places a lot of emphasis on the importance of accepting the girls’ roots.

“The girls’ relationship with their moms is an important thread that runs throughout the play,” theater practitioner and trainer for Kranti, Jaya Iyer, said.

“For sex workers and their families, discrimination exists at every level, including education, healthcare, housing, job opportunities and even access to a bank loan or a passport,” said Robin Chaurasiya, Kranti’s cofounder. Nair, 20, is excited to go on to study theater in her freshman year at Wagner College in New York.

Kranti has supported the women and girls with psychotherapy and an education program customized to their needs. It’s a long way from Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest red-light district, where Nair has lived for most of her life.

This ground-breaking work focuses on women’s agency and the meaning they ascribe to their roles as sex workers in the migratory process in the present and the past.

In Lal Batti Express, women and girls from India’s red-light districts share their experiences of trauma and healing.

Now they’re taking their stories to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the first time.

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