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A used car, or a model with less-expensive features, might be the key to a more budget-friendly down payment, particularly if your credit scores are lower.

Leasing may require a down payment too — especially if you’re interested in negotiating the lowest possible monthly payment.

If you can secure solid lease terms, you’ll want to consider keeping your down payment as low as possible.

In order to lease a car, you may be required to make a down payment.

Let’s look at some of the important factors you should consider before talking to a dealer.

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That could include damages ranging from a tear in the upholstery to a scratch on the bumper, depending on the specifics of your lease agreement. If you live in a crowded city or have a long commute, you may be at risk of putting more wear and tear on your car.

When choosing gap coverage, make sure to compare quotes from different insurance companies before deciding on a plan.

This can help you find the most-cost-effective option for you and can be much cheaper than buying insurance through a dealer. Your required down payment could be around 10%–20% of the car’s total cost.

That makes it likely you’ll lease again, which means more monthly lease payments.

Buying a car, on the other hand, means knowing your monthly payments will eventually stop when you pay off the car.

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