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I supported him through it all but the usual story of him not being grateful. Coming up late, staying over and leaving first thing in the morning. When I pulled him up on this I got a text dumping me a day before Valentines. I then found out he was on a dating site while with me. The guy had a job where sending partially nude photos would have got him fired. Sad E, I getting a sense from your posts that your self-esteem is really at a low ebb right now, and maybe has been for some time. He is also non stop on the dating site trying to replace me and I am heartbroken. So she made a fake profile, started chatting with him, and when he sent her partially nude photos of himself, she released the story anonymously to a newspaper. Please, do yourself a favor and move forward, don't live in the past. I guess he thinks I will be waiting for him to come back like the other times he has let me is the time to get out of HIS life and what HE is doing, and get fully back into your own precious life. you're a vibrant woman in your early 40's with lots of exciting life ahead! I sure didn't believe my ex's Mom when she tried to warn me of him... Like I am a decent, honest person who keeps myself well. Once he got out of rehab I was just not good enough. and because of that she's decided to blame me for all of his problems (because she now has someone else to blame for her son's problems). If anyone asks about him, his Mom or anyone else, calmly tell them the truth and they can take it or leave it. Someone who went through something similar to me once told me that other people will find out the truth in time. or five, but they will eventually find out the truth about your ex if they are in touch with him because his lies will start to contradict his actions. I don't know if that will happen, but I do know that the more head space he takes up in my head, the worse I feel. Anyway, I wished her well and told her that we would most likely never speak to each other again, given the circumstances.

K., France and Australia/New Zealand, though sometimes bested by “Taken 2,” as in France. He is clearly chasing after younger women because he has lied about his age. He has been adding random women on Facebook that are the opposite of me. We are still linked via social media and I need to cut those links but I am finding it so hard. That's when I block their number and block them on social media and email. Well, to be fair I've been done with facebook for a decade..that's more about my own serenity. How do I force myself to the point where I delete him off all the social media. I would suggest that you do not go out of your way to contact her and let her know though. He will lie to any unfortunate women he meets online about his addiction issues. His profile picture has a quote basically saying that I was below his standards. I am 7 years younger then him but look very fit for my age. When I break up with someone I usually reach a point where I want to never hear of them or see them again. He actually treated me a lot better when he was on drugs. Then one day I realized I was doing it addictively, and it was not making me feel good. Just tell her the truth calmly and matter of factly.My friends have sons, and their sons break up with girlfriends that they've grown to love, but they've always respected the respective girlfriend's need to break ties and recover.I would like to think that his family would understand your need to heal.

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