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The media had latched onto his case, and for several consecutive days his face had been on more newspaper covers than Princess Diana’s. No one came forward to claim him, the police drew a complete blank, and, mysteriously, he had no form of identification on him.

I was happy, a little excited even, to provide a night of lodging to Rod, the fellow from the home office, upstate.

I returned to my post in the first class cabin and waited to see if he would be seated near my position. I carefully checked each passenger as I walked down the aisle, trying to give the appearance that I was inspecting seat belts when in reality I was looking for him. The disappointed look disappeared from my face as I walked back towards the first class cabin. “Excuse me,” he asked, “but what is the flying time to Frankfurt?

” I laughed and replied with the 7 and 1/2 hour flight time along with the complete routing that flight 66 would be taking that evening.

Adam sat in silence on the park bench, idly watching the ducks swim aimlessly around in circles on the surface of the muddy boating lake.

It was quite warm for February, and the sun was shining with such intensity that he was forced to screw up his eyes against the glare which was reflected off the water. How could he possibly not know who he was or where he came from?

I lay quietly for over an hour before I heard him snap off the t.v. He stood in the doorway, framed from behind by the light in the bathroom and gently illuminated from the front by the lamp near my closet.He thanked me and as I told him I hope I could be of service to him during the flight, he chuckled saying, “I’m sure you will be.” When I walked into the bar, I didn’t notice her at first.I sat in a booth in a dark corner and ordered a drink from the waitress.“I can understand how lost you must feel, but rest assured that most amnesiacs do recover some of their memory if not all of it.” Adam smiled wryly. Usually their relatives identify them from the newspapers or through the police, and once the patient is back in their home environment little day-to-day things keep jogging their memory.” Adam wasn’t encouraged.“And some never get their memory back at all, correct? He’d been in the hospital for over a month, ever since the police had found him, dazed and bloody from a head wound, wandering through the streets late one night.

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