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With your approach one can have actual relationships that are sincere, even if they are just brief hookups or one night stands.

You don't advocate lying, dressing up like a raver from 1992, and memorizing bullshit.

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She was fat and ugly but she had a few friends with her, one of whom was very pretty. My friend wanted her as well but he had trouble competing and ended up talking to the ugly girl more than cuter one I was working on.As a man who has spit more bad lines than anyone, the last thing I want is to send you out there to experience the same amount of rejection that I went through.In fact the point of you buying my book is so you can save time and not have to go out five nights a week and approach 1,000 women like I've done.But if you're willing to make just a few changes with how you interact with women, you'll be surprised with how well they respond, and how quickly they want to be intimate with you.​In Bang I ask you to approach women in order to eventually have intimacy with them. I know the approach isn't easy and you rather have a magic solution to your girl problem, and chances are you're nervous to walk up to a girl you don't know and start talking, but in Bang I lay it out in a way that makes it pretty dang easy.​Now I'm not saying you won't get rejected, but I'm saying my opening lines are so casual and chill that a girl won't brush you off like you're a nobody.

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