Player mentality dating

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The above quote from Ken Levine describes the standard relationship between a Video Game and said game's players.

They never tell us what did—their role in the saga—or what they are doing about it, other than nursing their wounds and plotting revenge, but focus instead on what’s been done to them and what they wish someone (that someone soon to be revealed as us) would do about it.

Also, this trope often deals with plot details, so spoilers ahead. Games won't deceive you, Villains Never Lie (or if they do, it is obvious) and you're the one pulling the strings.Characters' expectations will be subverted but will not be.One example of an expectation gamers have is that achieving 100% Completion, if it does anything, will make the ending happier, or at least clarify it in some way, to reward the player for going deeper into the game.Thus, a game can play with that expectation by offering up a ending or by adding something that turns a previously understandable series of events into one big Mind Screw, or admonishing the player (either by proxy or by Breaking the Fourth Wall) for thinking all that grinding would matter. To someone that has played, for instance, would come as quite a shock.

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