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Second to be considered is exactly what happened when people ventured beyond the boundaries of their own local regions.

It is inaccurate to label these excursions as migrations except cumulatively over a period of time.

The literature on Polynesian origins and information bearing upon it is so vast it may well be asked why burden the reader with yet another book about it, and, from the author's point of view, why bother to write one?

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The present book takes an historical view of the issues, summarising and evaluating theories of Polynesian origin from the eighteenth century onwards, providing some account of methodologies used by scholarly disciplines which have been brought to bear on the subject, and data so gained, including evidence from music and dance, which forms the core of the book.

These were pioneer days for the discipline of Ethnomusicology, and everything about it at the time was new, especially as it related to Anthropology.

This book later became my bible as I undertook more research and worked on a Ph D, only the third, I was told to be awarded on the subject of Music in New Zealand.

The reality is that only one or two canoes at most would have gone on voyages of exploration or discovery at any one time, and generations could elapse before another might follow.

Finally one must consider the most likely result when such a canoe reached landfall.

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