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If any of these ladies contracted an STI, it could harm their unborn baby. It seems some mamas-to-be don't quite grasp the concept of Tinder. You're not cute or unique for liking 2 generic things that everyone else likes. This girl needs a serious reality check, and I'm sure she got it by putting herself out there online. She knows what she wants and you can tell she's been around the block a few times by the way she demands things.If you're happily married, and you're open about it on your profile, what are you even doing? Then she follows it up by saying her Porsche is her . And she's 18, so you know she didn't pay for it herself. She's willing to hook up, but only if you can make her laugh.It's a really strange situation that many people don't have any experience with. "Sorry to disappoint you but I don't like to hike." That really speaks to me. Why is it so trendy to enjoy walking around outside with a little backpack? And when you're a single girl in your twenties who is willing to straight up admit that you don't like hiking, that's pretty bold.

Raging hormones, possible baby daddy drama, and a whole lot of baggage... There's a reason it's best to procreate with someone you've really bonded with because when women are pregnant, we tend to turn into nut-bags for the better part of a year. I really hope her parents figure out what she's up to so she can get the help she needs. I'm not sure what I would do if I caught my daughter on Tinder with pictures of her in her bra. Anyone that writes little phrases like "Krispy Kremes & cuddles" in their bio really rubs me the wrong way. I wonder how she'd react if she came across a profile that said "Not looking for hookups with girls who are over 130 lbs" or "Don't ask me what I do for a living, it's not your business." I can't imagine she'd like that very much, who does?

I don't think people will be willing to look past her big belly and have some honest fun, whether it's hanging out or, you know, doing the deed. Olivia, people are asking if you're really pregnant because you're fourteen-years-old! She's going to miss out on so much because she has to grow up so fast, and she clearly needs some guidance and direction. I like her confidence, and there's nothing super wrong with this girl's profile from what I can tell.

She's pregnant at fourteen-years-old she's on Tinder. You know, other than being pregnant and really into herself. It's pretty rare to be a single, 21-year-old self-employed pregnant girl.

Her family is everything to her and she would do anything for them? I hope this young, fun, outgoing girl found love, but with such a lame description of herself, I'm sure the men she attracts are pretty dull. I know single moms don't have the luxury of asking someone else to watch their child for a few minutes at any given time. She's probably used to showing a picture of herself and that's enough. It's a place to meet other lonely people who want something more than just hanging out and eating hot wings if you know what I mean.

I'm sure she's heard just how difficult it can be to take care of a baby, but she can't truly wrap her head around it until it's happening. I don't think this pretty, young girl had any trouble finding someone before she got knocked up, but things might be a little different for her now. Maybe she'll fill in her bio a bit more when she figures out who she is after her baby's born. It seems she's not only new to DC, she's new to the internet.

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