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Stefanie I’m an extrovert that can’t help getting into trouble. I guess I always am looking for something random and fun to do. I love to draw and sell some of my paintings in art galleries around town. She’s “trouble” and spontaneous, which to a guy, means she’s not the usual boring date.Love going out to new clubs, dancing, singing, (karaoke anyone? I like to think of each painting as a piece of my soul, a glimpse into one moment of our time in history. Notice in this profile she calls attention to several positives. She also talks about her talent and describes how it makes her feel.This is a great approach to attracting other men who are community-minded and motivated to DO.The “story’ line is also good for getting responses from guys who are curious about her life.While it might scare away guys who have low intellect and or rigid expectations, it will actually attract guys that want to have fun, have a good conversation, and actually laugh and have fun on a date. I just like to try everything once and always enjoy learning new things.In this profile, she not only shows she has a sense of humor (and gives a great 80s reference) but she also describes her job and shows her friendliness by suggesting she would be happy to buy the guy a drink, if they get along. If you can show me something new I and challenging that I haven’t tried, I look forward to hearing from you!

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But she makes up for it in presenting herself as someone sensitive, kind, and someone who actually appreciates the efforts that men make to please her.

Meryl You should probably know that I always manage to spill iced tea on myself despite my best intentions.

If you aren’t horrified by that, I think you’ll enjoy hanging out with me.

This shows, not only that you’re independent, but also that you’re altruistic.

You have that special quality that most other women lack.

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