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When a predecessor/successor relationship is assigned to a summary task directly, it can impact when the summary task itself can start/finish…which could be different than the detailed tasks below it.

This entry describes the basis for hammock-type summary tasks and introduces an alternate method (and Update Hammocks macro) for creating and maintaining such tasks in Microsoft Project (MSP) schedules.

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2) The Schedule Option: Updating Task Status Updates Resource Status is not checked.

Most other major project scheduling tools also have special-purpose hammock task types.

For example, Phoenix Project Manager, Spider Project, and Deltek Open Plan all provide traditional hammock activity types, whose start and finish are defined by specific logical relationships.

Hammock and LOE tasks are essentially the same, though minor differences exist in the implementation by different software.

Since hammocks and LOE tasks do not possess any driving logic, they should be excluded from any formal definition of the Critical Path for the project.

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