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This was somebody that had done something bad in his past. And then, one day, he gets a text message written in Russian. It says, [SPEAKING RUSSIAN], which means, “The rose must be picked today.

Tomorrow, it is no longer relevant.” At that point, Oleg positions himself on the sixth floor in the hallway outside of Ivan’s apartment and waits for him to come home.

And there’s a man named Oleg Smorodinov, who moves into this small town.

He rents an apartment on the first floor of an old Soviet-style building.

So there was [SPEAKING RUSSIAN], which is buttercup. And the name of the man on the sixth floor that Oleg was watching was Ivan Mamchur. He leaves every morning at around , 7 o’clock, takes his bicycle, goes to work. He comes back around 6 o’clock in the evening, goes into his apartment, and really doesn’t come out all that much.

And his code name was [SPEAKING RUSSIAN], or the rose. He certainly doesn’t know why he’s there to watch him. But what they did tell him was that this was an enemy.

He stands there, I’m not exactly sure for how long, smoking cigarettes, with a gun in his hand, a silenced pistol. But instead of falling to the ground immediately, Ivan turns and walks towards Oleg and says, in Russian, [SPEAKING RUSSIAN], which means, “It’s not me.

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And this one immediately jumped out at me because it was so unlike all the other cases that I had been researching. And yet, the Ukrainian officials insisted that Russia had something to do with this. And it’s at this gun show that he meets some individuals who offer him employment, say that they know some people who might be looking for somebody with his particular skills, and would he like to meet him?But he’s not there because he wants to live in this apartment.He’s there because he wants to keep an eye on someone, a man who lives on the sixth floor of the same building.And what I was looking for is for somebody to explain to me how these assassinations, how these operations, are carried out, from the point of view of the people who are plotting them.And so I talked to a source who had some knowledge about some of these cases.

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