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I guess my question is how many of you guys have moved your pumps under the hood and have you had any issues with the pumps failing later on due to the heat (I'm talking in years here)?I plan on keeping this Jeep for awhile and think the OEM pumps will be even harder to find 5-10 years from now.I'm really proud of my work with this relocation, it turned out very clean, so I'm a bit reluctant to take everything apart and redo this project. IMHO, I wouldn't worry to much about the heat factor.To me there's lots of other parts under the hood that are at least as fragile as those pumps. I took the easy way out and installed the pumps under my driver seat back in 2008. In all honesty, I bet the pumps get a lot of heat in the sock location.

The main reason most of us relocate them is to remove the pumps from the elements.And I love that someone finally came up with a story like that, in which you can see what might happen if you were stuck in a loop. In the end, if you analyzed it, it didn't make sense.ARQ does, and it keeps you guessing, it's unpredictable.Most tummy tuck skids also require them to be moved as well.I would like to note that I have added a breather line to my setup with a little homemade filter on the pump intake tube.

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