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Click here to order Session 2: Relapse and Recovery - This coaching session with Erik will deal with slips and relapses in a compassionate way to help you learn how to get sober. Learn from your last relapse and gain wisdom from it.Identify what your triggers are and 3 questions to ask yourself that will prevent another slip. Sometimes, we think that if we didn't have these problems in the marriage, we wouldn't "use" sex so much. Sexual addiction can impact one's pocketbook, physical health and self esteem. We don't see how acting out sexually is causing all these other problems.3) Action-You've got to actually take the steps in order to get it out of your life. It becomes more and more clear that anxiety has a lot to do with this. Have you ever tried to stop acting out sexually but found yourself failing? Have you made promises to yourself that you would quit and found yourself using again? Most of the work to get well from sex addiction occurs outside the counseling office or a recovery group.Putting this all together is what is called a "program." A "program" of recovery works for many addictions. Any program of recovery involves learning to manage anxiety. It is what takes place every day, morning and evening - with others and by one's self.

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Learn about the 5 stages of change and how to use them for your recovery.I will also encourage anyone who has this problem that they can get help.I am starting to sound like I am selling something? There is a lot of valuable free information on this website. But, I also make a living putting together audio programs for people with what I believe are very good and practical tools to help people.It is not intended to replace professional counseling, but is about providing sound information that can be used to help you get started in recovery and/or a supplement to therapy.Counseling definitely has its place and can be very effective.

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