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I usually just say something like "well I have been going through a difficult time and have been unable to work ." Or if that is too difficult for me to say , and sometimes it is with certain people that I already get the idea that they are going to be weird about it, I'll say " I have been sick". So would you really want a superficial relationship like that anyway?Usually if you don't give details, people will not feel comfortable asking. Then, as you feel comfortable with that person, You can ease them into it. I'm sorry but the woman that broke up with you 5 years ago was an idiot. There are still many women out there that understand the illness and would be able to look past it.We're still together 13 years later and have four kids. I find I have the same problem with meeting people now. My eldest is now eight, and yet in spite of her having been through nursery and school here I only really ever got to know one other mother. One thing I've been working on with my keyworker is the getting to know people thing.Talking to him about it has helped a huge amount; and also I'm finding that if you try and ask questions rather than fighting to find answers it's easier to break teh ice with people.Hi Guys, I have an issue with my condition:schizophrenia and dating.I am 26 and have had the odd fling here and there, but due to my illness I haven't had any real long term relationships.We all know the old stereotype of schizophrenia being split personality. 'Look on the bright side babe, you get to have a threesome with none of the stigma, I won't tell if you don't' Wow, I really applaud your ability to be so open despite all of these terrible stigmas. My grandmother suffered from schizophrenia and was not able to come to grips with it. Like the illness itself isn't painful enough, we are truly afraid to divulge our illnesses. Ask her if she has any questions and after that it shouldn't be an issue.

I have a friend who is physically disabled; she goes through exactly teh same, maybe more so because her disability is visible and people judge her before she even speaks. Have you tried meeting soemone else with schizophrenia via a support group or with a diferent mental health problem so that you both trust each other and know about each others problem?Sometimes things can be tough, but there is light outside the cave of marginalisation, alienation, isolation, bla bla bla.If I begin a conversation and it seems to skirt around the issue of my condition, I jump right in.And if not Im possitive that there are so many people out there that can look beyond illness and want to date people for who they are.Personally I have never recently allowed myself to be stigmatised. There is a stigma to the condition, but what most people forget is that the first person to experience that stigma is the sufferer themself.

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