Scott moir dating jessica dube Chataduit strams

In the summer of 2006, Dubé suffered an injury in practice and was removed from the ice on a backboard; she had knee surgery in September.They trained both short and long programs for nationals, while Jessica also trained a short program for the singles event.

After an on-ice accident at the 2007 Four Continents (see below), they made a comeback a month later at the World Championships, where they again finished seventh.They competed at two Grand Prix events, 2011 Skate Canada International, where they finished 5th, and 2011 Trophee Eric Bompard, where they were 6th.Dubé and Wolfe won the silver medal at the 2012 Canadian Championships and were assigned to Four Continents and Worlds. In the 2012–2013 season, Dube and Wolfe were assigned two Grand Prix events, the 2012 Skate America and 2012 Rostelecom Cup, but withdrew from both. The split had to have been amicable if Scott is still wearing the designer jacket Jessica purchased for him (Surely she's the as-always nameless "former" gf in a recent article).* Or perhaps he intends to cling to every item of clothing from Jessica, wear that stuff til it unravels.Otherwise, until he finds himself another girlfriend with a mysterious amount of play in her budget, he might get stuck having Tessa style him. You aren't just platonic and dating others, you're fucking others.

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