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It might not be perfect, but this is still a must-have for any fan of the film..m-zeitgeist /* for the IE6 lols */ .m-zeitgeist .m-zeitgeist h2 .m-zeitgeist #att-panes .m-zeitgeist .att-toggle-pane .m-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist #most-zeitgeist ol .m-zeitgeist .zg-date .m-zeitgeist ol li .m-zeitgeist div#att-most-viewed ol li.l1, .m-zeitgeist div#att-latest ol li.l1 .m-zeitgeist ol li.All comparisons to “The Karate Kid” aside, “Never Back Down” is actually a very different movie.Hounsou’s Roqua is infinitely cooler than the iconic Mr.Within days, Jake has stumbled into his first fight, beaten to a pulp by mixed martial arts champion and campus douchebag Ryan Mc Carthy (Cam Gigandet).Desperate to even the score, Jake enlists at a “combat club” run by Jean Roqua (Hounsou) to help prepare for an underground fight tournament.Jake is asked to fight Ryan at a major fighting event to which Jake says no to, but when Ryan beats up Jake's friend Max, he changes his mind.At the fight, they reach the semis, but Ryan is disqualified.

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As their first ever HD title, I’m willing to cut Summit Entertainment a little slack, but that doesn’t make the Blu-ray release of “Never Back Down” any less of a mess.

Since Faris & Hounsou are the only decent actors of the bunch, “Never Back Down” is completely dependent on how well they work together.

Thankfully, they’re a good team, and it only makes you wish that director Jeff Wadlow made better use of their time onscreen.

Jake then opts out of the fight since his main reason for fighting is to pulverize Ryan.

However, outside the building, the two go at it viciously, and Ryan is defeated.

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