Sedating the triple warmer canadian real serious dating sites

This is where we need that fight or flight response which is in total connection to the Triple Warmer Meridian.

I have been diligent with practice the daily energy routine every day since I began this course and I have definitely noticed an enhanced clarity in mind around priorities in my life and can make decisions more quickly about the things that come up each day.

As you can see below, Triple Warmer is opposite Spleen meridian.

The problem with Triple Warmer being so powerful in our modern age of excess stimulation is that it interrupts the flow of all the other meridians.

I double checked the facts on this through a quick google search and found it to be congruent with western medical findings in terms of the most common time of day that people have a heart attack.

The remainder of the week three module in the course focused on techniques you can apply to sedate Triple warmer and therefore allow Spleen to have more energy.

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