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It’s a sad truth that it’s much easier for an unhappy person to drag someone down than it is for a happy person to pull someone up.But, even though it might be more work, it’s not impossible.

When someone’s in a bad mood, it can be even harder to really listen to them. Tune in, get curious, keep your mouth shut, and listen to your partner without guessing what they’re going to say, or having an agenda for how they can feel better.We’re our most vulnerable selves in romantic relationships, and that can make it hard to draw a line and protect ourselves when it becomes necessary — or to even know when it’s necessary.But there are times when it’s critical to keep those boundaries strong.Scale’s low cost means it can be used much more widely than previously developed sample-clearing agents, and it allows scientists to see deeper into tissue than ever before.The discovery enabled the Riken team to produce some of the most detailed maps of brain neurons ever published.

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