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When Kathy returned a few minutes later, Maria and Johnny were gone.

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In 1957, the kidnapping of a little girl shattered everyone's sense of safety. Reporters flocked to Sycamore from the big city papers in Chicago and New York and from the fledgling television networks. Edgar Hoover demanded daily updates from his men and sent teletypes with detailed instructions. Secrets often lie at the heart of crimes that remain unsolved so long they are said to go "cold." Most are cracked by advances in science, or by someone's need to come clean.

But it is difficult to reconstruct the past in a courtroom.

People die, memories fade and facts can become distorted by the passage of time or shaded by personal grudges and agendas.

In the Ridulph case, there was no DNA, no confession by the killer.

This mystery was solved by circumstantial evidence amassed over four years by bulldog cops and other outsiders who came to Sycamore to stand up for a little girl whose life was stolen.

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