Single friend online dating

That’s the kind of wuss you have to be to use My Single

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is My Single Friend any good, is My Single Friend for real, is My Single Friend legit, My Single Friend comparison, My Single Friend ratings, My Single Friend review, My Single Friend scam, online dating sites, scam dating sites, sites like My Single Friend, worst dating sites My Single has an absurd premise: you sign up, and a friend refers you to women. The creator apparently got her rocks off by matching up her friends in brickspace, so she thought it would be a fabulous idea to make a site do it for other people.

It requires a person who doesn’t have the nerve to introduce themselves to other people to get their friends—if they have any—to refer them to other people.

If they don’t have any friends, we guess either they’re screwed or they really hope someone else’s referral comes near them. For the people who have the confidence to introduce themselves on their own, this site is pointless.

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