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But instead of new age Tinder message game, old school people do it and treat it like aggravating and tedious first date game.Instead of being funny and interesting and a little sexy, speed daters sit across from each other and swap interview questions, as though the factual answers to these questions will somehow lead to attraction.Speed dating is appealing because it does not require that you dedicate an entire date to someone that you have realized you are not interested in during the first few minutes.However, at the same time speed dating relies on powerful first impressions.When speed dating you need to exhibit the perfect balance of showing off what you have to offer while being genuine and down-to-earth.Many men that attend these events come armed with material to the point where they are no more than reading off a script.Take an extra 30 seconds to tell her that you enjoyed your brief time together. Many people get the impression that if you have resorted to speed dating that there may be some quality that makes you undesirable.This is far from the truth and a big misconception.

This gives women the impression that you are just there to meet anyone, not taking the time to personalize each individual encounter.

Speed dating is the perfect way to maximize your time and increase your chances of meeting someone that gets your heart racing.

Each date, however, is accompanied by a time limit making it crucial that you are on your best game. Use these tips to as you prepare to ensure that you are ready to take full advantage of the opportunity.

” or saying “tell me about yourself,” reach for something more.

Ask them “what is the most exciting thing you have done, recently?

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