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While 99 percent of Maori speak English, few Pakeha speak Maori. Other symbols tend to be commercial or cultural and are of Maori origin.

Preschool Maori children attend Kohanga-reo (language nests) to learn Maori. The national airline has a stylized Koru (fern leaf), all the national sports teams have a fern leaf, the feathered cloak of a Maori chief is used on ceremonial occasions, and haka is performed before international rugby matches.

, the country was settled by Maori ("the people") and areas were named after the iwi (tribes).In 1642, the Dutchman Abel Tasman named the land Staten Island.This was soon changed to Nieuw Zeeland, after Zeeland in Holland.The emerging culture leans increasingly on Maori symbolism in art and literature.Maori culture ( taonga ) is being reinvented, and parts of it are incorporated in ceremonies and other public events.

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