Student activists ending dating abuse

Everyone then looks at Alma in awe when she says, “You now have an example of internalized racism.” The room goes silent. SAEDA (Student Activists Ending Dating Abuse) is a youth group offered in my county through the Rockland Shelter.

Its mission statement declares that SAEDA is a youth-led education and prevention program dedicated to celebrating diversity, challenging social norms, promoting leadership, and inspiring youth to ultimately end gender-based violence. It transforms youth into people who care about the world and want to change it in any way that they can.

Through these meetings I realized that I had a lot to say. One idea that I had could be the focus of an entire monthly meeting.

I never knew that something like this was even possible and it was staggering.

The Rockland County Youth Bureau annually grants funding to community-based organizations and municipalities providing positive youth development programs throughout Rockland County.

You can bring up ideas for meetings, collaborate with other members, help run the meetings every month, and much more. I learned about a lot of new things, but I felt like I could be doing something better with my time.

I never really took an active role, and was always just waiting for it to end.

When I reached my junior year, things changed when we got a new advisor, James.

It seems simple, but really the most important thing to focus on is that it is a youth run group. I didn’t even think that I would attend monthly meetings after the training.

Yes, we do have an advisor, but essentially she is just doing that. I was mistaken, though, because every month my darn dedication would fail me, and I would go to the meetings and sit in the back quietly.

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