The dating game butt

However, it does not correspond to the urban legend version. Not to be harsh, David B, but your summary is pretty biased, and biased around a personal argument that you had on the subject.

Some people, myself included, feel it does "correspond to the urban legend".

My theory is, a very small number of the claimants actually saw the episode.), and secondly, to note that despite the similarity of names, there's no relation between us, that I know of. I fully explained my position in the GD thread, and you have said nothing to explain why I am supposedly wrong.I'm not going to go over the same discussion again.An even smaller number misremembered it the same way and then went on a (intentional or unintentional) legend-spreading spree.They told it in such detail that other people believed they too had seen it, after the haze of memory set it.

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