The dating of the book of zephaniah

Yet as Zephaniah and other prophets foretold, the exile in Babylon did not last long.

The Jewish people eventually came home, rebuilt the temple, and enjoyed some measure of prosperity, fulfilling the second part of the prophecy.

C.) mentioned in the fourth generation is the well-known king by that name.

Zephaniah prophesied during the reign of Josiah (640-609 B.

However, both sides agree the fury of God's wrath is caused by sin.

In the first part of his three-chapter book, Zephaniah issued charges and threats.

The book of Zephaniah contains no direct Messianic prophecies, but the prophet's focus on "the day of the Lord" as the time of judgment and blessing connects his message with the work of Christ. First, Zephaniah predicted that the destruction inflicted by the Babylonians would reach far and wide. 1:7) - the time when God would devastate his enemies both within and outside Judah (Zeph. 1:7) - a day in which the wrath and anger of Israel's sovereign Lord would be directed against the wicked (Zeph. Following this announcement of judgment the prophet called on Judah and the nations to repent and seek the Lord (Zeph. Repentance, a gift of God (2 Tim -26), was the only hope of finding salvation from the approaching Babylonian judgment.1:2-18) and bring great blessings to the faithful remnant (Zeph. The second cycle begins with the prophet elaborating further on the judgment to come (Zeph. He specified that a number of other nations would be destroyed along with Judah. ), and describes that day as the time when Jesus will destroy all his enemies and bestow incredible blessings on his faithful followers. is Co-Founder and President of Third Millennium Ministries and adjunct Professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, FL.He delivered the same threat as other prophets, a promise carried over into the New Testament as well: The day of the Lord is coming. Some say the day of the Lord describes God's ongoing judgment across hundreds or even thousands of years.Others say it will culminate in an abrupt, sudden event, such as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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