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Every guy dreams is of being the cool dude who seems to get every girl’s temperatures high.

In every place, be it at school, at your work place or wherever it is you are, there is always that one boy, or man, who seems to catch the eye and smile of all the girls and women.

Have you ever wondered why is it that all the girls seem to fall for a certain guy and not you?

I am sure all these are questions to which you would like to know the answers and then sit yourself down and plan on how you can change all that.

Yet if you approach a woman with confident body language – and though I hate to use the expression, the Tao of Badass does make the point that this really is the area where the “alpha male” triumphs – you’ll win the girl. So body language is a big thing here and unsurprisingly it’s power has been backed up by scientific research.

Princeton University demonstrated in a study in 2013 that although facial expressions can be misleading, body language tends to be very clear in its message.

(Ever wanted an insight into what women want from a man?

It’s all here.)I reckon if you use these techniques and strategies set out here you’ll probably come up against the same rate of rejection I did when I was learning to meet and date women. About 60% of the women I approached would want to see me for at least one or two dates.


Do you always find yourself messing everything up whenever you are with a girl no matter what you try?And that’s fair enough because that you and her a chance to work out what might be possible.Fortunately the Tao of Badass also gives you the right lines to use if you don’t want to continue with the relationship.Look, what I’m telling you is that there’s no better program on the Internet, and I’m not telling you that simply because I get commission if you happen to buy it from this site (although, in the interests of fair disclosure I should add that I do). I forgot to say you can get the contents of the PDF as an audio MP3 so you can listen to the Tao of Badass as you go about your daily routine.I’m telling you all this because I want you to be where I am – happy and in a relationship. you can get your woman, get a girlfriend, get a lover – I know it!

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