Translation of pagdating ng panahon

I changed some lyrics just to fit the lyrics with the rhythm of the song. If you 'gon ask me, I'll change the majority of the lyrics of the song, but I will never change the theme of it. Every man gets to the point when he realizes it’s time to put more effort into his searches of his soul mate.I was finding my answers on my own.” She added: “We both feel we are artists in our core.Hey, I think it's s Oo OOo sweet of you to even make the offer to translate tagalog!thanx a bunch, cuz I've had a really hard time trying to find FREE translation sites etc.) Baka tibok ng puso ko'y (Maybe, as my heart beats) Maging tibok ng puso mo (alongside with your heartbeat) Sana nga'y mangyari 'yon (Hopefully a someday is possible) Kahit 'di pa lang ngayon (because what’s happening now never makes it to be) Sana ay mahalin mo rin (One day you’ll love me too) Pagdating ng panahon (when the time comes) Alam kong hindi mo alam (I know you don’t know me) Narito lang ako ([but] I’m right here) Maghihintay kahit kailan (waiting for that time [to arrive]) Nangangarap kahit 'di man ngayon (dreaming…even if it’s never now) Mamahalin mo rin (When you’ll love me) Mamahalin mo rin (When you’ll love me too) Pagdating ng panahon (Will there be a time…) Baka ikaw rin at ako (…when there’s a “you and me”?

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It's not how many summer times we had to give to fall The early morning smiles we tearfully recall What matters most is that we loved at all. For more information, please see the Pro privacy policy. Translation memories are created by human, but computer aligned, which might cause mistakes. This single series collection is arranged chronologically by month/date: Series I: The Ladder Periodical Collection, 1963-1966.They are bombarded by profiles of women and photos of women in suggestive poses that wouldn’t give him the time of day in America under normal circumstances.

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