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You can always map to the original at /opt/ if it doesnt start for whatever reason.The Linux downloads provided on the Apache Open Office site (mirrors) are generic for either the RPM- or DEB-based package managers.Replacing a 'native' distribution build with the full Apache Open Office original build can be tricky, but can usually be successfully accomplished by completely removing the existing 'native' install.The following links are additional resources for installing Apache Open Office on Linux by other parties. If you have experience in directly installing these types of packages on your system, one of these types of installs should work for you.They are not specific to a particular Linux distribution.

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Installing Apache Open Office on Mac OS X See also: the Mac porting project page The following preinstallation steps are recommended for Linux distributions.

If your connection is not very fast (and or you are behind a dial up connection), you might consider a program that enables you to pause/resume the download. To download the most current version of Apache Open Office: You have successfully installed and run Apache Open Office.

You should now refer to the online help (Choose "Apache Open Office Help" from the Help menu) or connect to the internet to obtain support from the web site by clicking the Support tab available from any web page.

Your computer needs these resources as a minimum to run Apache Open Office 4.x versions: To download Apache Open Office from our website, you do not need to login.

Also, it does not cost anything other than what your costs are to connect to the internet and download a large file.

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