Updating brick

Soften the look of a red brick fireplace by setting potted greenery or flowering plants atop a mantel.Give your fireplace an instant update with assorted pottery, decorative statues, a variety of candlesticks, new candles and vases of fresh flowers.With a modish gray, white or cream color, your ranch-style home may even set the neighborhood's standard.Ranch-style houses are naturally squat in stature due to their single-story design.Light-colored paint tends to make a fireplace stand out and look larger.Conversely, dark-colored paint can make an oversize fireplace appear smaller.Apply a second coat of paint after the first coat is dry.Use a high-temperature firebox paint to make the firebox look clean and new.

Allow the primer to dry before rolling on an interior latex paint over the fireplace bricks.

Updating a red brick fireplace provides a visual lift to an entire room.

Whether you're updating the red brick to complement a new decorating style or simply sprucing up the existing decor, inject new life into your current fireplace with a makeover.

Choose good quality, exterior latex paint; brick needs to breathe.

Exterior latex paint also works on most siding applications.

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