Updating customer records what is a normal dating relationship

The processing option works only when you add category code values on a new address book record when you enter the address book record.The system does not copy category codes from the customer master record to the address book record.The after image is the record written after the change. Specify whether to use the category code values from the address book record as the default values for the corresponding category codes on the customer record.Values are: Blank: Do not use the category code values from the address book record as default values.The system stores the information that you enter in a customer record in these tables: These applications require system administrator configuration before they are available to individual users.Contact your system administrator to determine whether these applications are available for use.

For example, it might specify a credit limit for the customer or designate whether delinquency notices should be sent or statements printed.When you enter a customer master record, you specify these types of information: On the Customer Master Revision form, complete the steps to enter a standard customer record and then click OK.The system displays this form if the user preferences contain a Localization Country code of AR (Argentina).Note: The system uses default category code values for the customer record only when you add a new address book record.The system does not update existing customer records with changes to category code values.

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