Updating datasource using dataadapter

here is my code that retrieves and updates info from the db : Thank you for any help!!!! dim dt Pub Table as New Data Table("Pub Authors") dim my Adapter as New Oledb Data Adapter sub filldg Pub Authors(pub ID as integer) Dim obj Connection as new Oledb Connection (Configuration Settings. I am using an dataadapter to retrieve values from multiple tables using a stored query to fill a datatable (without a dataset) to bind to a datagrid. Add("Publication ID", Ole Db Type.integer) End With obj Param. Fill(dt Pub Table) view State("pub Table") = dt PUb Table dg Pub Source = view State("pub Table") dg Pub Authors.databind() Catch obj Error As Exception label Error. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free .) to update my msaccess db. Value = pub ID Try my Adapter = New Oledb Data Adapter(obj Cmd) add Scema() my Adapter. Close() end try end sub sub update Child() dt Pub Table = c Type(view State("pub Table"),datatable) dt Pub Table. Columns.remove("Pub Role") dim str SQL as string = "SELECT tbl Pub Author. Now you'll create your first sample using data adapters.In this sample example, I'll show you how to create data adapters using Sql and Ole Db data providers and fill data from data from data adapter to a Data Grid control.On the SQL Data Adapter button-click event handler, you'll write code to read data from a SQL Server datasource and fill data to the data grid. Creating a Windows Forms application and adding controls to the form Listing 5-44 shows the source code for the Ole Db Data Adapter button click, and Listing 5-44 shows the source code for the SQL Data Adapter button click, and Listing 5-45 shows the source code for the SQL Data Adatper button click.

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Now add button-click event handlers for both the Ole Db Data Adapter and SQL Data Adapter buttons.Open a connection, create a data adapter object with a SELECT string, create a dataset object, call data adapter's FILL method to fill the dataset, and bind the dataset to the Data Grid. Default View Manager, which represents the default view of a Data Set object. Displaying the Order table data in a Data Grid The output of Listing 5-44 looks like figure 5-41. Filling data from an Access database to a Data Grid control using Ole Db Data Adapter The output of listing looks like figure 5-42. Filling data from a SQL server database to a Data Grid control using Sql Data Adapter Listing 5-45. So far I can delete/add/update items in the datatable but when it's time to update the db(single table) I don't even get an error and my db does not show updated/deleted/new data. The following C# code samples demonstrate how to use the Sql Data Adapter object to update a SQL Server database using Update Command properties .Hello All, I am trying to update access table using dataadapter.

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