Updating dns server nsd is not the configured local nameserver

[Message quoted below has been re-edited to update it.] From: Rick Moen ([email protected]) To: Slug LUG ([email protected]) Subject: Re: [Slug LUG] DNS links User-Agent: Mutt/1.4i Date: Sat, -0800 [...] (Referring to Albitz and Liu's .) This edition (4th) struck me as weak on new BIND 9.x features; frustrating, because there's not enough available on-line about that, either.

Anyhow, one limitation of both the Albitz book and troubleshooters.com's DNS page is that they concern BIND, solely.

It completely replace three softwares at once (local and caching dns server, dhcp 4 and 6, both coordinated, and r(t)advd). I set 5353 here and pf will forward local # dns queries to this port.

# # Before august 2015 # port=5353 # ## Never forward plain names (without a dot or domain part) domain-needed # Never forward addresses in the non-routed address spaces.

It also handles some other TCP-based queries, such as requests for SOA records and (rare) DNS replies exceeding the 512-byte maximum size of a (regular, non-EDNS0) UDP datagram.

As a consequence of its ability to output RFC 1035 ("BIND") zonefiles for AXFR zone transfers, axfrdns is also usable as a format converter.

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In consequence, until someone collects, merges, and harmonises a reasonable set of those patches (2009-09-08 note: There are now four forks, as noted below) , users must collect and apply the following fixes to the v.Create and save db.with a following content: ; ; BIND data file for ; $TTL 3h @ IN SOA ns1. ( 1 ; Serial 3h ; Refresh after 3 hours 1h ; Retry after 1 hour 1w ; Expire after 1 week 1h ) ; Negative caching TTL of 1 day ; @ IN NS ns1. In our this case the IP address of our name server is this article, I want to show you the dns installation I made in my local network, in hope it will be useful to somebody.And you need to setup Bind to answer dns queries depending on the origin of the requests (it’s the view function). Both Dhcp and Bind have to share some common settings (the ddns key). He will listen to the internet, on the port 5355, unaware of the two other daemon, and DNS requests from the internet world are forwarded to NSD by PF. # # Format is one option per line, legal options are the same # as the long options legal on the command line.Dnsmasq works almost out of the box for local matters. Its configuration looks like a mess, or a draft, as you want. When ipv4 will be out of order (in years) you should have switched every service to ipv6 at each configuration upgrade, and, … # See "/usr/local/sbin/dnsmasq --help" or "man 8 dnsmasq" for details.

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