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Mass Calcify and Austere Command give us the options to maybe keep some of our field around, while Rout can be cast at instant speed.

Terminus and Descend upon the Sinful are answers for indestructible creatures and we cannot go wrong with a good ol’ fashioned Wrath of God to round out the Wrath effects.

For the sake of this list, I am going to conform very closely to the page’s distribution of card types as well, to really get a good picture of how people are currently building the deck.

By joining the server and following me on Twitter, you can double up on your chances to influence what I write about next!Mono-white has several powerful keywords associated with it, such as flying, but vigiliance is another such effect.This means Angelic Field Marshal can pump our field while also giving us more freedom to attack and keep up blockers when Radiant is on the battlefield.So, I hope to see you in chat and on the Blue Bird™!Shameless plugs aside, let us get down to why we are here today. This one is extra special because it was suggested both in last article’s Disqus and Reddit comments!

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