Updating links between excel and powerpoint

So, with all that in mind, let’s take a look at how to link and embed an Excel Sheet in Microsoft Power Point.

Linking or embedding an Excel worksheet into a Power Point presentation is actually pretty straightforward, and the process for doing either is almost identical.

You can also right-click any selected cell, and then choose the “Copy” option on the context menu.

Now, switch to your Power Point presentation and click to place the insertion point where you would like the linked or embedded material to go.

The first is by simply copying that data from the spreadsheet, and then pasting it into the target document.

This works okay, but all it really does is convert the data to a simple table in Power Point.

If you would like to link or embed the entire worksheet, click on the box at the juncture of the rows and columns in the top left-hand corner to select the whole sheet.

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For example, if you’re distributing that presentation to people who might not have access to the original Excel sheet, or if the presentation needs to show that Excel sheet at a specific point in time (rather than getting updated), embedding (and breaking the connection to the original sheet) makes more sense.On Home tab of the Ribbon, click the down arrow beneath the “Paste” button, and then choose the “Paste Special” command from the dropdown menu. And it’s here where you’ll find the only functional different in the processes of linking or embedding a file. Whichever option you choose, you’ll next select the “Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object” in the box to the right, and then click the “OK” button.If you want to your spreadsheet, choose the “Paste Link” option instead. And you’ll see your Excel sheet (or the cells you selected) in your Power Point presentation.When opening a presentation, Power Point will ask if you wish to update the links. The Links window will open, which provides you with various options to update, edit and break links.If you link Excel files to Power Point presentations often, you will soon find it doesn’t always behave how you might expect.

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