Updating os on palm pixi

Under the agreement LG Electronics owns the documentation, source code, developers and all related websites.However, HP would still hold on to patents from Palm as well as cloud-based services such as the App Catalog.The number of apps grew to 30 by June 17, 2009, Subsequently, the number of available apps decreased because many apps were withdrawn from the App Catalog by their owners.

In December 2011, after abandoning the Touch Pad and the proposed sale of the HP Personal Systems Group, HP announced it would release web OS source code in the near future under an open-source license.The notification area is located on the bottom portion of the screen on phones, and on the top status bar area on tablets.On phones, when a notification comes in, it slides in from the bottom of the screen.Apps are closed by flicking a "card" up—and "off"—the screen.The app "cards" can be rearranged for organization.

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