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Frey’s honors include a US-Italy Fulbright Fellowship where she studied baroque cello with Paolo Beschi, the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, and American Musicological Society and Canada Council for the Arts grants facilitating her work…

This original cello found its home, but we have two options now for customized Artist cellos - each with strings that sound more like gut.

We are honored to be joined by special guest artists and collaborators Daniel Swenberg (Lute & Guitar) and author, Claire Fontijn (Narrator).

JUNE 25th, 2017: The Life of Antonia Bembo: Woman in Exile Queen of the Hudson Concert Series In June we travel up the hudson to the Queen of the Hudson Concert Series to present our program exploring the life of Baroque woman composer, Antonia Bembo.This Artist cello manages to replicate the sound, feel, and aura of a Baroque cello with gut strings.The cello itself resonates exactly like a gamba might, with the raw, edgy complexity of gut strings.The Obligato would be your best option, but the combination of Larsen and Helicore Soft is a slightly less expensive way to experience the warmth and complexity of gut with better response.Can't wait for you to play your Bach suites on this cello!

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