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These are the approaches you will hear pilots argue about whether it’s best to “dive and drive”/”step-down” or do a controlled descent until you hit the next waypoint at the exact altitude.

Which technique you choose is completely up to you.

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Simple Cessna 172s with steam gauges and a Garmin 430 could use these approach minimums.When I flew the OH-58 A/C (which was not instrument rated), we would use our GPS to fly practice RNAV approaches to LNAV minimums in case we inadvertently punched in. I will go back and forth referring to them as approaches vs minimums just because it’s easier from a copy writing perspective.It’s easier to call them approaches instead of the correct terminology: “RNAV approach to LPV minima.”You will hear me and other pilots talk as if they are separate types of approaches because they kind of are.I am not saying you can’t use your GPS when flying IFR for situational awareness. Handhelds don’t have adequate backup power, they may drop signal at a key time, but more importantly, they don’t have Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (RAIM capability) which is an FAA requirement.I’m just saying you can’t legally file, ask ATC for, or accept an RNAV approach. Another side-note: you can always do practice emergency RNAV approaches to LNAV minimums if you don’t have an IFR certified installed GPS. Let’s assume your aircraft is legally allowed to file a “/G” flight plan. Just to clarify, LPV vs LNAV/VNAV vs LNAV are types of approaches they are minimums within RNAV approaches.

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