Validating ip address c

int Is Digit(char ch) #define FIND_IP_START 0 #define FIND_IP_DIGIT 1 #define FIND_IP_DIG_OR_DEC 2 #define FIND_IP_DECIMAL 3 #define FIND_IP_DIG_OR_END 4 #define FIND_IP_END 5 #define FIND_IP_DONE 6 char * String Contains Valid Ip Address(char * input_buf_pointer) #define MAX_HEX_NUMBER_COUNT 8 int ishexdigit(char ch) int Is Ip6str(char *str) { int hdcount=0; int hncount=0; int err=0; int packed=0; if(*str==':') if(ishexdigit(*str)==0) hdcount=1; hncount=1; str ; while(err==0&&*str!

=0) { if(*str==':') { str ; if(*str==':') { if(packed==1) err=1; else Function Is Ip4str(char *str) test if string contains IP address version four address format.

Usually he declines to respond to any comments or questions.

A short example to show how to check and ip address is actually an ip address in C.

[code snipped] What is the best & fastest way of validating an IPv4 address?

Currently I have the following code to validate the first format. Also, please suggest a mechanism tovalidate the second format(address:port) also.#define INVALID -1#define VALID 0int validate IP(char *ipadd) This looks exactly like code I've posted a couple of years ago.

The more paranoid check at the end was added in response to some criticism from Tak-Shing :-) Extending it for IPAddressv4:port shouldn't be that difficult to anyone who has understood how the current version works (which, of course, excludes qazmlp).

#define PORTMAX 65535 /* or whatever appropriate */ int validate IP(char *ipadd) The original version, as posted by the OP, would catch "" because scanf would return 5 instead of 4. This points out a bug in my version above: "" will not be identified as an invalid IP address. = ':') return INVALID; if ((b1 | b2 | b3 | b4) Even simpler, 12 is a valid unsigned number. I still can't figure out if this guy (quasilump or whatever) is an elaborate troll or the world's slowest-learning programmer.

So, back to the drawing board: rc = sscanf(ipadd, "%3u.%3u.%3u.%3u%c%u%c", &b1, &b2, &b3, &b4, &sep, &port, &c); if (rc ! At least in this thread he actually interacted a bit with the respondents.

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