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Thank goodness for the gift of Netflix and the internet's ability to make the fandom live on forever...because let's be honest, whether anyone was team Stefan or Damon, we've all nostalgically re-watched this show just to put ourselves through the same emotions. The writers gave us ALL the feels with the cutest couples, the most romantic boys, and about as many star-crossed lover story lines they could possibly think of.

In fact, the romantic story lines are so elaborate and intertwined that it's kind of difficult to keep up with who dated who, when relationships started and ended, or what even happened in these relationships.

Though both boys were in love with Katherine, one of them was less willing to bend to her demanding wishes, so she regularly compelled him.

The other was so consumed with love that he did anything she asked willingly.

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She also is the one who turned them into vampires...isn't she just the sweetest?The perfect combination of high school drama, relationships, thrill, horror and magic, this series had us all on the edge of our seats, desperately waiting for the next episode or season.An eight year run and one spin-off later, The Vampire Diaries came to a close, and yes, all of our hearts were forever broken.One thing is sure, though - no character was left single for too long.Who thinks they can remember all of the couples, their moments and their history? Any ' The Vampire Diaries' fan knows this without a doubt: the biggest romantic story line in the show and the books is the love triangle between Elena and the two vampire brothers vying for her heart, Stefan and Damon.

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