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"If a person starts their heckling with 'f' America, then that gives me the right to defend my country," Williams said.

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Five days later, Williams was arrested in Dunnigan, California on a bench warrant arising from a November 25, 2012, incident in Sacramento during which he allegedly drove a three-wheeled motorbike on a sidewalk and refused to stop for police.This is probably going to go down as one of my finest works, just because it's a collection of forbidden topics that we can't seem to get answered. Part of my guarantee in my ticket price is that I'm going to be talking about what we are talking about now, and discussing from now to the next time we see [me] again.This is the open discussion that we've had since 2003. Williams also appeared in the official music video for Wild 'n Out colleague Nick Cannon's single 'Gigolo' in 2003.In November 2010, Williams was arrested by police while working on a film in Coweta County, Georgia.He was accused of stealing ,500 worth of coins and jewelry.

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