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Most males with Klinefelter syndrome, also called XXY males, have two X chromosomes instead of one. Sometimes the extra X only occurs in some cells, resulting in a less severe form of the syndrome. Rarely, a more severe form occurs when there are two or more extra X chromosomes. Some males have no symptoms but a doctor will be able to see subtle physical signs of the syndrome.Many males are not diagnosed until puberty or adulthood.* when an internal organ bulges through a body cavity wall Diagnosis is based on a physical examination, hormone testing, and chromosome analysis.The syndrome can also be diagnosed before birth but testing is not routinely done at that time.All my life I have consider myself very creative, hands-on, visual and like to live life outside “the box”.And in todays society there is no “Normal” as everyone is different and embraces that difference.

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Other genes influence language skills and reproductive functions. One of these pairs (sex chromosomes) determines a person’s sex. A baby with one X chromosome and one Y chromosome (XY) is male.Males with Klinefelter syndrome should be seen by a team of health care providers. Experts recommend testosterone replacement, starting during puberty, for proper development of muscles, bones, male sex characteristics such as facial hair, and sexual function.The team may include endocrinologists, general practitioners, pediatricians, urologists, speech therapists, genetic counselors, and psychologists. Continued treatment throughout life helps prevent long-term health problems.This might be the first of many Klinefelter syndrome positive articles you will read on the internet.When I first started spreading awareness about living with Klinefelter syndrome, I noticed there was no positive information.

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